In the late 1890s, Henry Vogt Machine Co. pioneered the early development of ammonia absorption refrigeration systems that made artificial ice.
This business, plus Vogt’s fledgling boiler business, created an internal need for quality valves that initiated Vogt’s early entry into the valve manufacturing business.
The early reputation of Vogt’s quality valves and rapidly growing petroleum processing industry created an outside demand that would firmly establish Vogt in the mass production of high-quality forged steel valves.

Here a link to a video on YouTube with a tribute to Mr.Henry V. Heuser Sr., former President of Henry Vogt Machine Co.

OMB Valves Group acquired the assets and 100% ownership interest in Vogt, a former brand of Flowserve Corp on July 10, 2017.
As of that date, the company began conducting business as Vogt Valves, Inc. an independent member of the OMB Valve Group.

We are a family owned and operated group founded in 1973 by Mr. Roberto Brevi, now a globally recognized manufacturer of valve and valve related products for customers in energy related industries. This is in no small way directly related to the success of our customers, our people, the relentless pursuit of product quality and innovation. This acquisition enhances our market position, with products now truly “Made in America”.
Vogt exceeds our hope and expectation as a product steeped in tradition, deep expertise and brand recognition.

Going forward, our intent is to invest in and expand the product offering to reclaim Vogt’s leadership position within the forged steel valve market.

• All Vogt Valves Inc. equipment, inventory and activities have been transferred and installed in January 2018 at our Stafford, Texas location in a newly built 100,000 sqf plant equipped with state-of-the-art machines, assembly, testing and painting facilities.

• All sales related activities should now be directed to and/or

• All existing products and services will continue, offered by Vogt Valves, Inc..

• Product offering is now being expanded to include a complete range of integral flanged valves, bellows seal valves and a new line of forged pressure seal valves.

Adam Enloe serves as National Sales Manager for Vogt Valves.